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The Democrat Party’s Plan

March 31, 2009

The “Brainwashing of our Nation” continues [without much opposition] in the media, on our college campuses, and from every sector of the entertainment industry.

The “Destabilization Phase” is coming sooner than you think, thanks to our elected officials within the Democrat Party.

Ever wonder why the Left seems to push for legislation that has been proven to fail – but they continuously attempt to push it through anyways?

  • Expansion of Welfare
  • Amnesty for Illegal aliens + open borders
  • Nationalized Health care
  • So-called “Community reinvestment
  • Re-distribution of Wealth
  • Gun control laws to “cut down on crime”
  • More government control of the private sector

…the list goes on, and on, and on, and on.  They want Capitalism to fail.  They want the majority of the country to NEED the government – to “fix all their problems”.  They want Socialism to prevail.  It has been their plan for many decades.

They believe their time is now.  They only have 2 years before the Republicans can take back the House and Senate.  They are doing everything they can – as fast as they can, before America wakes up.

It is estimated that the proposed budget by the Obama Administration will increase our National Deficit  to TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS by 2019.

Help spread the word.  Go to a “Tax Day Tea Party” in your area.  Stand up for the future of your children and grand children.

There is a lot to read here, but when you have time – read each of them, and share your thoughts with me.

Part I:  Manufactured Crisis
Part II:  Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis
Part III:  Conspiracy of the Lemmings

Thank you, Jim Simpson and the American Daughter Blog – for this fascinating perspective on what “the Left” are up to!

My friends – please wake up and pay very close attention!  Time is running out!

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  1. March 31, 2009 3:21 pm

    Well, hello, and welcome to the Blogosphere. It looks like this is your first post, and that you want to join the army of conservative bloggers who are trying to wake up America before it is too late.

    We are honored that your first entry included links to some of our offerings!

    To some of us, it seems as if we are witnessing the last days of the Weimar Republic all over again…

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