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What “they” think about us

April 8, 2009

My Dad sent me a link to an opinion piece that he found online at the ultra-liberal online magazine,, written by Gary Kamiya.   It suggests that the Pittsburg “nut-job” who killed 3 police officers recently, is the result of the “lies” told by the NRA, and paranoid hatred and the anti-government rhetoric that is spewed by Conservative talk show hosts like Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and the like.

I’m so shocked.  You can read, “They’re coming to take our guns away” here.

This opinion piece paints an almost perfect picture of how Liberals fight their “ultimate battle”.  Their strategy is so obvious and tiresome; but nevertheless, it is what we Conservatives must address on a daily basis, in our own defense.

In the “arena of ideas”, Liberals are almost completely incapable of winning substantive arguments, so they merely have to resort to psychological warfare, where they ferociously attack the credibility of prominent Conservative thinkers.

I would feel sorry for them – because of the fact that it’s their only weapon, but we all know that it’s a very effective weapon.  After all, their audience is made up of what are called “sheeple”: that sector of our population who are incapable of thinking for themselves, or are too lazy to research those pesky little things called facts.

I deal with this almost on a daily basis – and it’s actually at the core of why I started this blog.  I get so frustrated when I try to discover why people consider themselves to be Liberal, and why they think I’m “just some idiot” – because I’m a Conservative.

You can straight out ask them to give you just one political issue of actual personal importance, and to explain why they lean Democrat on that issue, and they basically just start bashing on Bush or some other prominent Conservative.  They simply cannot defend their position on one single personally important issue.

Case in point: A manager of mine asked me how I was doing one day, while we were having a smoke break.  I answered him honestly, mentioning my uneasiness about the future of our economy.  He instinctively concluded that I must be a Republican – which is quite amusing to me.

He said, “You’re not a Republican are you?”  To which I responded, “Well, I’m a Conservative- of course!”  And he said, “Wow, Mike – I thought more highly of you”.  As I was about to mention my surprise that he was obviously a Liberal, he asked, “So I guess you listen to people like Rush Limbaugh?”  I responded, “Mega-fu*#ing-ditto-head”.  Then he said he thought that I was a smart person.

I asked him if he actually ever listens to Rush, and if so, what’s one issue that he-himself, opposes.  He said, “Rush is just insane! First of all, he thinks Bush was a great president. Do you think that Bush was a good president?”

Our smoke break was over, and we were heading back inside.  I said, “I can email you a list of so many good things the Bush administration accomplished during his tenure, which would probably blow your mind – since you obviously agree with everything you hear in the media.”

He basically just laughed, while shaking his head.

I guess he just thinks that I’m a gun-clinging, religious, and racist whack job – because that’s all he hears from the liberal media.  I listen to Rush – so therefore I am an ignorant lunatic.

They are winning the war of minds – the sheeple believe what they hear from people like Bill Maher, Keith Olberman, Michael Moore, David Lettermen, etc.  And if you’re like me – you’re mad as hell about it.

I continuously try to engage self-proclaimed Liberals in a debate, so that I can show them where their thinking has gone wrong.  My Dad thinks that they are no more likely to believe my beliefs than I am to believe theirs, and that I am a fool to think otherwise.  If you consider the definition of insanity (continuously doing the same thing over and over – expecting a different outcome), I probably belong in a padded room.

But – I refuse to accept defeat, and neither should any of you.   I will continue to debate what I believe in, because I know that I am right, and that they are wrong.

The most effective tool I’ve found is to get a Liberal to email their points to you, on a specific issue.  As you can imagine, this is extremely hard for them to do.  They know there will be a lot of research that they’ll need to do (copy and pasting the Liberal talking points).   Then, I break down their argument, line by line (or lie by lie) and make my point directly beneath theirs, in a responding email.

This is a great method, because you are able to address their points without interruption (them screaming, “Bush lied, troops died!”), you have the time to back up your arguments with evidence and facts, and most importantly – when they stop responding, you know you’ve won.

They can no longer pass you off as some idiot Conservative.  Well, they will – but you can look them right in their eyes and say, “Did you get that last email that I sent? I never got a response.”

I firmly believe that their inability to win substantive arguments in the arena of ideas, is the exact reason why they have no market share on talk radio.  They simply cannot back up their ideology.

The only somewhat Conservative medium on television, where their ideology is scrutinized, is Fox News.  And of course, they pass them off as liars and smear merchants.  They hate Bill O’Reilly because he allows for their points to be made/heard – then he provides evidence to prove their way of thinking wrong.

My suggestion to any Conservatives here, is this:  Don’t agree to disagree; stand firm on your beliefs and back them up with evidence.  Conservatism is not an ideology – it’s the result of wisdom, common sense, and logic.

We are fighting a psychological war against an enemy who controls most of the media, and who feeds off of ignorant and/or lazy people.   Engage your friends, family and the rest of your acquaintances in specific issues that are actually important to our futures, and our children’s futures.

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