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I’m a Conservative Bartender, totally surrounded by Liberals.  They are my friends, co-workers, bosses, and customers.  They’re everywhere!  They’re everywhere!

I can’t help feeling like they’re only “Liberal”, because of 3 possible reasons:

1)  They’re UN-informed

2)  They’ve been ILL-informed

3)  Or, they’re just plain ignorant

Of course, I don’t want to just dismiss them as ignorant, so this blog is my attempt to properly inform them.  This is under the assumption that they are able to think “logically”, for themselves.  (This very well may be an ignorant assumption)

Whenever I encounter a Liberal and let them know that I’m a Conservative – they start screaming, “Bush lied – troops died!”, or “Your president ruined our country!”, etc., etc.  I find it unbelievably difficult to explain myself to a Lib (because of all their screaming), so hopefully my blog will help to explain why I am a Conservative.

I encourage comments from those of you, who have opposing views.

Please enjoy (or learn from) my daily rants, and don’t hate me – unless you can debate me.

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